Work permit

Relocating experts to Sweden.

When it comes to work permit, legal obstacles can be very delicate and quite difficult to understand, which can make applying for work permit for yourself or your employee an exhausting task. Allow us to represent you through this time-consuming process.

We assist both employees and Swedish employers with first-time work permit application processes, change of status from asylum claim to work permit (spårbyte), and work permit extension processes.

Contact with labour union

We handle all the contact with the labour union and if the labour union has issued a statement that your employment terms are worse than what is common in the industry, we will adjust the employment contract and re-submit for you.

Permanent residence permit

Our work permit extension service includes a petition for a permanent residence permit at no additional cost.

Fast-track your case

If you or your employer still have not received a decision within 16 weeks as stipulated in the Aliens Ordinance (2006:97), we can assist you by requesting that your case be dealt with as a priority under the Administrative Act. The waiting time may be higher if you have a co-applicants. If the request for fast track is denied, we will file a court appeal at no additional costs.


Our lawyer’s fees are transparent and upfront, helping you or your employer budget accordingly for the legal fees. For fiscal year 2024, we charge a base amount of 15 310 kronor exclusive tax for our lawyer’s fee.

Feel free to contact us with more background information so that we can come up with a more individualised quote. The fee to the Swedish Migration Agency is not included in the lawyer's fee