Our fee structures.

Before you instruct us to proceed, the lawyer handling your case will advise you on your chance of success and associated fees. Depending on the type of case, we use three types of fee arrangements:

Our lawyer fee follows the Swedish Government Ordinance 2009:1237 concerning the hourly fee for legal aid representatives (so-called rättshjälpstaxa). For the year 2024, the hourly rate is 1531 SEK exclusive of tax.

Each of our lawyers keeps a record of all the tasks they perform in connection with each assignment, and how much time is spent on them. A full itemised statement can be requested with any issued invoice.

Although we can never guarantee a favorable result, what we can guarantee is that we will do our very best to obtain the best possible result for you. A contingency fee arrangement (CFA) is a fee contingent upon a defined outcome or event. It means you only pay the lawyer fees if we achieve a pre-agreed result in your case. CFA is only applicable for some legal services and only after we have determined the likelihood of success in a particular case. Learn more about our CFA plan.

For some short-term assignments, such as drafting a marriage contract or debt instrument, the legal fee can be determined at the initial meeting and is based on the information provided at the initial meeting. Under this arrangement, you will only pay the pre-agreed fees regardless of the hours that our lawyers work on your case.

A public counsel is a lawyer whose costs are paid by the state. This means it does not cost anything to you have a public counsel and the entire process is free. We can represent you as your public counsel for example when you are seeking asylum or humanitarian protection in Sweden.