Seizure and attachment

Asset seizure and distraint.

Attachment of property can be used as a way for the Swedish Enforcement Agency to obtain money from individuals or their family members who allegedly have defaulted on their financial obligation or in paying taxes.

he state through the Swedish Tax Agency can initiate attachment proceedings against a private individual to seize his or her properties, such as cars, houses, apartments, or other movable assets.

You deserve a helping hand from attorneys
 who can defend your financial interests against the state's coercive power. If you are a rightful owner of properties and are worried about the state seizing your hard-earned cash and valuable properties, or your assets have been seized by the state, we may be able to help.

Our goal as your attorneys is to fight aggressively against debt collection businesses and the Swedish Tax Agency and get your property back where it belongs—safe in your hands.

Types of property that we can help you keep: house, apartment, vehicles, chattel.

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