Security cases

Defending your most fundamental rights in security cases.

What are security cases?

Security cases (säkerhetsärende), under s.27(2) of the Citizenship Act (2001:82), are cases where the Swedish Security Service (Säkerhetspolisen), for reasons related to a threat to national security or public order, has made a submission that a foreigner's naturalisation application should be denied on the ground of national security. 

We are attorneys focusing on national security cases

Even if a person has fulfilled all the requirements to be a Swedish citizen under s.11 of the Citizenship Act (2001:82)
, their citizenship application can still be denied due to the Security Service's intervention. Appealing security cases can be one of the most challenging legal procedures as the "judicial" review in security cases is handled by the executive branch, namely the Ministry of Justice.

If you have received a decision or a summon by the Swedish Security Service in connection with your naturalisation case, contact us promptly so that we can help you appeal the decision to the Ministry of Justice.