Our Core Values

Our company values

True to our small-town roots, our firm is built on honesty, integrity, and hospitality.

Legal representation and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive; therefore, at Edelweiss Legal we are highly committed to our founding values.

Strategic thinking

We aim to fulfill your, or your business, goals by understanding the contemporary landscape of the industry. This means we are constantly working on creating better and more innovative ways of realizing our clients' needs and understanding the importance of successfully navigating a changing legal landscape.

Small-town values

We foster the successful incorporation of small-town values into the complexity of globalisation. We often forget that as the world shrinks, the local community takes on greater importance as local values are replacing national values to ultimately define our international cultures.

Socially conscious

Through our global citizenship philosophy, we believe in the force of positive change that the private sector can offer. We are committed to giving back to our local community through pro bono works that ultimately ensure members of the public can have fair and equitable access to justice.

Set-up for a responsive customer service

We are committed to an engaging lawyer-client relationship that extends beyond normal business hours. We believe legal problems are issues that cannot be packed into a box when they are inconvenient and unpacked when convenient. Therefore, we put intense effort into ensuring that we will be accessible when it comes to legal emergencies.

Success-oriented approach

The basis of our work is individualised legal service. We understand that each case is unique with specific objectives and requirements for which we develop a success-oriented strategy based on our legal knowledge and past experience.