Family Reunification

At Edelweiss, family matters.

When it comes to family reunification, legal obstacles can be very delicate and quite difficult to understand, which can make reuniting with your family members an exhausting task. Allow us to represent your family through this confusing and time-consuming process.

We assist clients at all stages of the family reunification process. In the unfortunate scenario where an application for family reunification is denied, we can appeal your case before national courts or international adjudicatory bodies.

Fast track your reunification

We understand that separation from your loved ones is a painful situation. If you are facing issues with your family reunification process and still have not received a decision within the statutory time limit stipulated in ch.4 s.21(a) Aliens Ordinance (2006:97), we can help you so that your case will be dealt with as a priority under the Administrative Act so that you will be able to reunite with your spouse and children as soon as possible.