Legal documents

We help you safeguard your future in case things don't go as plan.

A legal document is much more than a formality. It prescribes the cores of our obligations, rights, and duties. Our lawyers can work with you in preparing documents that meet your needs ensuring that your future interests are safeguarded.

Document review (dokumentgranskning)

Starting from 1442 kr excl. tax

Have you written an appeal or legal opinion (s.k. yttrande) and wondering if some of its aspects can be improved with relevant statutes or case law? We offer document review to help you improve the document that you have written yourself including legal research to find applicable authorities that may support your claim.


Starting from 1442 kr excl. tax

Our team of lawyer-linguists can help you translate the documents with precise translations in accordance with translation guidelines from the Swedish National Courts Administration. Currently, we only offer translation of legal documents (e.g., court appeal, opinion, evidence, observation, request for leave to appeal).

Marriage contract (äktenskapsförord)

Starting from 2884 kr excl. tax

Our team can assist you in preparing a marriage contract to ensure that matrimonial properties will be treated as private properties in the event of divorce. By request, the service may include a retroactivity clause under Regulation (EU) 2016/1103 in matters of matrimonial property regimes. The service also includes registration of the contract with the Swedish Tax Agency.

Financial instrument (revers)

Starting from 4326 kr excl. tax

We can assist you in preparing a binding debt instrument with your choice of language, dispute resolution method, interest, and repayment method.

Letter before action (kravbrev)

Starting from 4326 kr excl. tax 

We prepare a letter before action in which one of our lawyers represents you to demand specific action, e.g., cease and desist concerning IP violation, debt payment, etc. The letter also warns of the possibility of lawsuit if the demand is not met. Additional service includes direct follow-up contact with the recipient themselves.

Will (testamente)

Starting from 5768 kr excl. tax  

We can help you draft a document to secure the division of your estate in accordance with your wish. This service is not applicable for inter vivos disposition of property.

Contract review (avtalsgranskning)

Starting from 8652 kr excl. tax  

We can help you review any private or commercial contract you have been offered and will provide you with a complete understanding of the agreement and give you appropriate legal advice and feedback. The contract must be either in Swedish or English and have Swedish law as the choice of law.