Asylum, refugee, and humanitarian protection.

We represent regularly individuals and families in asylum, refugee, and humanitarian protection cases and offer a comprehensive representation service for those who are seeking safety in Sweden as a refugee or as an actor of subsidiary humanitarian protection.

If an asylum seeker cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed by the state for them. Therefore, it is customary for asylum seekers in Sweden to have access to a public counsel, a lawyer who represents them throughout the process free of charge. The asylum seeker has the option to either select their own public counsel or have one appointed by the state.

We frequently represent individuals with asylum cases and undertake judicial reviews in response to asylum application rejections. As an asylum seeker, our commitment is to accompany you throughout every phase of the process, ensuring clarity and advocating for your rights by challenging decisions made by the Swedish Migration Agency when necessary. Our team is dedicated to not only crafting thorough and meticulously researched applications or claims but also providing comprehensive assistance to you and your family throughout the entire process.

If you are interested in choosing us as your public counsel in your case, please contact