Appellate advocacy practice.

We have handled hundreds of appeals across the nation, including in numerous district courts, migration courts, courts of appeal, the Ministry of Justice, and the Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden.

If you have received a decision from national authorities or a lower court that you wish to challenge, our experienced lawyers are positioned to handle every aspect of a litigation matter from the inception of a potential dispute through trial, final judgment, and appeal. 

Our lawyers are leading legal representatives for appellants in precedent-setting cases that would reshape the legal landscape both in Sweden and Europe, such as Nunez v Sweden (ECHR 34474/20), Mohammad v Sweden (ECHR 12805/19), Thörn v Sweden (ECHR 24547/18).

Our appellate practice offers legal representation in cases concerning forfeiture, attachment, population registration, Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act, citizenship, residence permit, and national security (säkerhetsärende).

We're here to advocate your case in court, 
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